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Why Choose Norwalk for Service . . .

Norwalk Tank:  The Smart Choice for Service

Consider This? Norwalk Others
Is your home and financial stability AT RISK if a worker is injured doing your service? NO ???
Are the Technicians covered under the proper Workman’s Comp Insurance? YES ???
Manufactured your tank and is trained in its design? YES NO
Norweco® trained Service Technicians? YES NO
Do the Technicians carry a full line of factory made replacement parts that meet NSF standards? YES NO
Licensed Distributor for your system? YES NO
Will you get your required services? YES ???
Is the filter cleaned in the YARD where sewage will be tracked in by children and pets? NO ???
Maintain the integrity of the NSF Seal? YES NO
Is the proper approved Chlorine being used and not leaving me open to possible $25,000 fine and explosions? YES ???

Have the Staff and Equipment to handle your every Service need?



Properly Done Service Requires
Properly Trained Staff
Properly Equipped Facilities



For the past 35 years, Norwalk Tank Company has been servicing mechanical Service from Norwalk Tankaeration tanks. For the past 27 years we have been the distributor for the Norweco® brand aeration system in Northern Illinois.

With this honor comes a great deal of responsibility to our customers and to our environment.  This responsibility doesn’t just start with the service; it starts with the production of a high quality, long lasting concrete wastewater treatment plant installed on your property.  Having a fully equipped fleet of service vans and a factory trained staff, highlights the fact that Norwalk is in the service and maintenance business on a year-round basis.  This staff is committed to keeping your septic system running at its peak level with little disruption to your lifestyle.

Our specially desigTank Service from Norwalkned equipment is made to work with your Norweco® product; From special tools to clean and maintain your aerator to custom created machines to clean and disinfect your bio-kinetic filters.  This cleaning is NOT done on your FRONT LAWN but the filters are replaced with a clean filter and the used filter is brought back in their sealed travel containers for treatment at our facility.

Norwalk maintains all of the proper replacement parts and chemicals to keep your National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) seal intact and legal.  Use of the wrong replacements parts can revoke your NSF seal and cause your system to malfunction. The homeowner would then be financially responsible for returning the system to NSF approved status. Use of incorrect chemicNorwalk Serviceals such as chlorine can not only expose the homeowner to fines up to $25,000 but can be dangerous in that mixture of different types of chlorine can explode.

Norwalk’s Service Department carries a trained professional staff to answer all questions in person and immediately. They work on a daily basis with local, county, and state health agencies to keep our customers and their equipment up to date in relationship to all sanitary and environmental codes.


Trust a company with 35 years experience in the mechanical aeration industry.
Trust the quality, reliability, and dependability
Trust Norwalk Tank

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