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Frequently Asked Questions . . .


What tank size do I need?
Tank size is generally based on the number of bedrooms a residence has and not the number of bathrooms. For example a three bedroom home without a garbage disposal would require a 1000 gallon tank. Other sizes can be found in the following link.
Tank Sizes.

How often should I have my tank pumped out?
How often a tank is pumped out is based on several variables including total tank capacity, number of occupants of a household and the usage of water in the house.  For a tank with the capacity of a 1000 gallons and a household of 4 people, the tank should be pumped out about once every 2-3 years.  Pumping removes all of the non-biodegradable solids that buildup over the life of the tank. Refer to the following link for pumping recommendations for larger tanks and larger households.Tank Pumping

How much field is needed for my system?
The amount of field needed is based on the results of a percolation test and/or soil sample evaluation.  These tests and recommendations are included in the following link.  Field Requirements.

What are my payment options at Norwalk Tank?
You can pay by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards.  If you wish to have an account with us please fill out the downloadable Credit Application.

What is a Chlorinator and when is it needed?
A chlorinator is a piece of equipment that adds a disinfectant (chlorine) to the effluent to kill the bacteria (predominantly Fecal Coliform) that grows naturally in the septic chamber.  Normally the chlorinator is used following a mechanical aeration system that has been designed to discharge to the surface of the ground (i.e. ground, ditch, creek, evaporation pit, etc.). Chlorination.

What is the role of the Health Department when I need to get a septic system?
The Health Department uses predetermined charts on soil absorption rates, to designate the size of the septic field, if and when necessary.  If not, a mechanical aeration system may be mandated with some type of surface discharge or possibly a limited field.  The tank size is determined by the number of bedrooms in the home, and if the home has a garbage disposal. The Health Department issues any permits and conducts all inspections.

How do Concrete and Plastic tanks compare?
Please visit the link “Concrete vs Plastic Tanks”.

I am having trouble with my mechanical aeration system?
If the control box alarm system is sounding, try to reset the box by pushing in the reset button.  If the alarm continues to sound or you can not reset the box.  See the Service Page of our website or contact our helpful service department staff at Norwalk Tank.

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