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Norwalk Tank Company, Joliet Illinois


About Us:

Norwalk Tank Company sells precast concrete products for the underground storm water and wastewater industries.  The company provides manholes, flared end sections, septic tanks, home sewage treatment systems, catch basins, and grease traps to residential customers, commercial / industrial customers, wholesalers, strip malls and fast food restaurants throughout Illinois and Indiana.

Our business strategy is that management is focused on building our business by continually improving operations, increasing our market scope, and expanding products into new market areas.  Following this strategy we believe in the concepts of:

“One Stop Shop”
Our company offers a variety of pipe, fittings, H.D.P.E., metal culverts, and tar products in addition to the precast concrete products we manufacture.

“Target Market”
We specialize in the manufacturing of precast concrete products, including specialty vaults, duck blinds, and manholes focused on commercial, industrial and residential customers.

“Reputation for Quality”
Norwalk Tank Company utilizes its knowledgeable and skilled employee base for the execution of quality work.  Thereby meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations.

“Long-Term Relationships”
We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.  Thus our customers are all successful in having what they need, when they need it.

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